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FAQ Does Hundeeiernes Klubb is member of FCI? No. FCI has only one member in every country. In Norway FCI is presented by NKK (Norsk Kennel Klub). FCI is only one of pure breed dogs registers in the world and as other registers it’s also a private organization. What is the difference between Hundeeiernes Klubb and Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK)? NKK is member of FCI but Hundeeiernes Klubb is member of WKU. NKK accepts only FCI dog register system pedigrees. Hundeeiernes Klubb accepts almost all worlds’ system pedigrees but not all systems accept our pedigrees/certificate (for example FCI). Why Hundeeiernes Klubb does not organize any dog shows in Norway? It’s only matter of time! We are new organization registered only in 2014. We are still working on our member attraction and cooperation with other country kennel unions so our certificated dogs can take part in other country dog shows and our partner union dogs can come in Norway for our organized shows. For now our club members can take part in all World Kennel Union organized shows worldwide
Hundeeiernes Klubb is purebred dog owner club register in Norway. We do: - breed stock accounting - arrangement of breed stock examination on dog shows, litters examinations, tastings,  competitions Since May 11, 2015 are member of World Kennel Union and we are following rules of WKU
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